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The CITY PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT is working with Utility Providers to coordinate the marking of utility lines and then will set a definitive start date for the City's contractor to begin the work of address drainage issues in Battery Shores. This work will primarily take the form of grading and opening up drainage ditches and swales in the neighborhood and cleaning the pipes under the roads to assure proper drainage in the community.

Work will begin after all lines are marked and the City's contractor is scheduled. We will see activity in the community over a period of several weeks to months.

If anyone has any specific concerns they may call Public Works themselves, but this is a very fluid schedule at this point.


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We are all very proud of our community. The Battery Shores POA Board of Directors hopes that by summarizing the Restrictive Covenants (click to download pdf file), we will all use it to assure our conformance to the plans for this community.


If you are not yet a POA Member and are interested in becoming a Member of the Battery Shores Property Owners Association, please contact our Board Members through this web site.

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